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Mixed Technique
29,4 x 37 cm

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Visual Art Degree Master Degree in Health and Art Therapy. My works are born as a response towards the mystery of the human mind. As part of my artistic creations you can see many different faces which are part of my imagination, as well as organic forms.

I am drawn to faces, since for me, they are some sort of wrapping pr mask where underneath it there is a brain, veins and arteries where our deepest thoughts, emotions and memories coexist like roots, bindweeds and tracks; like emotional maps that are silently and mysteriously developing in the course of our life, remaining hidden from the human eye.

For some time I am doing watercolour painting and making tridimensional faces in papel mache and porcelain. They are undoubtedly completely different techniques however I get from them a language or means that I feel very comfortable with since I work in a duality. On the one hand with the tridimensional material I am able to retain, control, and shape the outer, on the other hand with the watercolour, the image is transformed into something more inner, ethereal and emotional, which merges and abstracts evoking different shapes.