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Marcela Yaconi Santa Cruz (Santiago, 1957) is a well-recognized artist of the Marlborough Chile gallery, where she has exhibited six times since 2003, along with other presentations in Paris, Miami and Buenos Aires, among others. She was also a distinguished participant in renowned Chilean photographer Roberto Edward’s “Painted Bodies” project, which also led to a large format publication in 2005. Yaconi’s work can be found in major international collections and has been exhibited in museums and cultural centers in a number of countries around the world.

Marcela Yaconi’s work is based around sculptural or two-dimensional micro-narratives whereby the artist inquires about human beings and their ability to communicate, interact, love or take refuge in Nature’s protective cloak. Her mysterious and playful staging captures the “turning point” of a situation, which may be major or very subtle and barely noticeable.