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Artista Denise Atal
Acrylic on canvas on wood
Chile, Peru, USA, Argentine


My artwork is the result of systematic work for years of reflection. I use mixed techniques and the great most of my works are worked in big formats.

I travel roads between the abstract and the figure going to the conceptual minimalism.
In my abstract paint highlights the work that i do yuxta by putting different layers and tracks.-the artist explains the meaning of art in her life in the following terms:
“for me, art is one complete connection with my soul and with my freedom. I feel an infinite satisfation in creating and in each art work i try to capture that connection and the inmense pleasure that the creative act produces for me.”


Graduated from contemporary art school, santiago de chile
degree in art, Catholic uUniversity from Santiago de Chile.

Last exhibitions

2018 individual expo club esmeralda. Lima, Peru.
2018 collective circle, space of silence, santiago Palestine Club. Santiago, Chile
2019 individual expo Centro Civico Vitacura. Santiago, Chile
2019 collective manifiesto gallery. Santiago, Chile
2019 collective co art. Santiago, Chile
2019 spectrum, Miami, USA
2020 virtual expo aaplar. Santiago, Chile
2020 arte postal. Santiago, Chile
2020 virtual expo arte urbano. Santiago, Chile
2020 expo individual Centro Cultural Colina. Santiago, Chile
2020 virtual expo proarte Maipú of Mendoza, Argentine.
2020 expo virtual chilean gallery. Santiago, Chile
2020 virtual expo “el beso del arte”. Santiago, Chile
2020 individual expo centro cultural agustin ross, Pichilemu, Chile.
2020 collective centro cultural agustin ross, Pichilemu, Chile.
2020 collective apech eduardo lira gallery. Santiago, Chile.
2020 collective co vid 19 the wentworth norton group, Centro cCultural Montjuic. Santiago, Chile
2020 collective APECH Eduardo Lira Gallery. Miami, USA.
2020 expo “homelessness an international crisis”, the wentworth norton group, centro cultural Montjuic. Santiago, Chile.
2020 participation Internacional Premium Art Gallery.
2020 participation internacional en msb_art_curators. Paris, France.
2020 collective art exhibition los ingleses Chicureo, Chile.
2020 permanent virtual exhibition tribu 21. Santiago, Chile.
2020 expo “a greener planet feeds healthier bodies and minds”, the wentworth norton group,centro cultural Montjuic. Santiago, Chile.
2021 expo “art at sea”, Beachclub Santa María del Mar.



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