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Recycled iron
37x79x15 cm

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Daniel Schachner (1954) is a self-taught artist, and is dedicated to both painting and sculpture. His motifs, both gestural and expressive, are founded upon the dualism between what is masculine and what is feminine, trying to generate a visual dialogue that evokes the complementarity between opposites. His work tends to stand out due to the contrasting use of colors and the harmonious forms in his compositions.

He attended elementary school at the Grange School in Chile, went on to the MonnivertInstitute in Switzerland where he finished his high school education, and finally attended university in Miami, US. Professionally, he dedicated his life to real estate and other businesses, until the temporary loss of his vision led him to develop a prominent artistic career.

Daniel Schachner’strajectory as an artist has been brief, but explosive. His exclusive dedication to creating visual arts does not exceed 15 years, and began paradoxically, product of an almost complete visual impairment that he suffered for more than 2 years. Thus, as part of his recovery therapy, at the beginning of 2005 his attending physician suggested that he draw with crayons in order to differentiate colors. What began as a therapy became his way of life.

He has participated in more than 20 exhibitions both in Chile and in the United States, having an outstanding participation in international competitions and obtaining important prizes both in painting and sculpture.