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Claudia Sierralta

Claudia Sierralta
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Spain, Chile, Germany


Claudia Sierralta Correa
Chilean Plastic Artist, 1962
Studied in the University of Chile Bellas Artes (Fine arts), later Interior Design and did numerous workshops with art painting maestros in Santiago de Chile and Concepción.
Has realized multiple exhibitions –individually and collectively– in different areas of the country, including Santiago, Viña del Mar, Santo Domingo, Puerto Varas, and numerous times in Concepción, where she resides. Abroad, she has exhibited in New York, Madrid and Munich.
Has taken part in art competitions in Talcahuano, Valdivia and Barcelona. Belongs to an artistic group called “In Situ”.
1999- Colectiva Club de Golf la Posada. Concepción.
1999- Multiferia de Arte, estación de ferrocarriles. Concepción.
2000- Concurso Valdivia y su Río.
2001- Individual. Instituto Chileno Norteamericano “Canto Frutal”. Concepción.
2002- Colectiva. Aeropuerto Carrier Sur “Alimentemos la Semilla”. Concepción.
2002- Colectiva. Galería Costa de Monte Mar “Aires de Concepción”. Viña del Mar.
2002- Individual. Galería Verde. Concepción.
2003- Individual. Galería Bosque Nativo “Cántico a la Vida”. Puerto Varas.
2004- Colectiva. Galería fundación Teatro Pencopolitano. Concepción.
2004- Colectiva. Aeropuerto Carrier Sur “Esencia Interna”. Concepción.
2004- Colectiva. Galería Jardín del Arte, Santiago.
2005- Individual. Castillo de Wulff. “Bajamar”. Viña del Mar.
2005- Individual- “Bajamar”, Galería fundación Teatro Pencopolitano, Concepción.
2005- Instalación “Amaryservir” P. Alberto Hurtado, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción
2005- Colectiva, Galería Estadio Español, Concepción
2006- Colectiva- “Mujer del Viento Madre del Mar”, Galería fundación Teatro Pencopolitano, Concepción. 2006- Colectiva. Colección Contemporánea, Galería Fundación Teatro Pencopolitano, Concepción.
2007- Colectiva, “Telas Por Metro”, Galería de los Ocho, Concepción.
2007- Colectiva “En el Balcón”, Centro Español, Concepción.
2008- Colectiva, “Jardín Secreto”, Sala Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.
2009- Individual, “Soplo Costero”, Club de Golf de Las Brisas de Santo Domingo.
2009- Colectiva, “Arte Religioso”, Sala Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.
2009- Colectiva, “Herencia Vegetal”, Sala Municipal de Concepción.
2010- Concurso Sur Bío Bío, Concepción.
2010- Pintura In Situ, Días Post Terremoto, dan origen a Grupo In Situ.
2010- Colectiva; “Huella del Pintor”, Libro de grabados, Pinacoteca de Concepción.
2010- Colectiva, “En Siete Tonos”, lanzamiento Grupo “In Situ”, Sala Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.
2011- Colectiva, “Taquicardia In Situ”, Sala Galería Marina Del Sol, de Talcahuano, Grupo In Situ
2011- Enciclopedia Hispanoamericana.
2012- Concurso Salón de Invierno- Barcelona España. Sale seleccionada.
2012- Colectiva New York, USA, “Pintores Latinoamericanos”.
2012- Colectiva Madrid España, “Pintores Iberoamericanos”,
2012- Individual, Munchen Alemania
2012- Colectiva” In Situ en Zoom”, Sala Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción.
2012- Colectiva Concours Mondial de Bruxelles/ Chile 2012. Bío Bío “Art and Wine”. Sala Galería Marina del Sol, Talcahuano.
2012- Colectiva Congreso de Artistas Schoenstattianos, “Arte, Vida y Fé”. Sala Campanario Santiago de Chile.
2012- Concurso “Contra viento y marea”, Premiada. Sala Galería Marina del Sol, Talcahuano.
2013- Individual “Arte Gourmet by Audi”. Salón Audi Concepción.
2013- Colectiva “20 Artistas en Sagrarios para Concepción”, Sala UCSC, Concepción.
2013- Colectiva, “Los misterios del Rosario por 20 artistas”, Sala UCSC, Concepción.
2014- Colectiva, “In Situ a la Carta”, Sala UCSC, Concepción.
2014- Colectiva, “Blancoesteka”, Corporación Cultural de las Condes”, Santiago.
2014- Colectiva “In Situ a la Carta”, Sala Arzobispado, Concepción.
2014- Individual, Hotel Radison Petra Concepción.
2015- Individual, Club deportivo Alemán. San Pedro Concepción
2015- Individual, “Tiempo al tiempo”, Galería Mundo Sur, Santiago
2015- Colectiva, “Negroesteka”, Centro de extensión Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago.
2015- Colectiva, “Lota puertas afuera”, Pabellón 83, Lota.
2016- Colectiva, “In Situ en movimiento”, Hotel Termas de Puyehue, Puyehue.
2017- Colectiva, “Rojo Insitu”, Sala UCSC; Talcahuano, Concepción.
2018- Colectiva, Galería Juana de Arco, San Pedro de la Paz, Concepción.
2018- Individual, “Por viaje vendo”, Retrospectiva, Galería Marina, Talcahuano, Concepción.
2019- Colectiva “In Situ en Sueño” Sala UCSC, Talcahuano, Concepcion.
2019- Colectiva “Un Par de Sueños”. Sala del Arzobispado de Concepción.
2021- Premio, 2, “Trienal Sur del Mundo”, Ciudades Humanas. Teatro Enrique Molina, Chile.


Emotion turns into a medium that draws and portrays my hand on the fabric, as if rhythmical beats couldn’t dodge the eco they produce in my interior: the pulse of a natural and magical place when looking for astounding discoveries, encounters or the day-to-day routine, which I observe with pause and time. This takes shape within many themes, which have evolved around these experiences and remained always true to them and their authenticity. They gave origin to different series, mothered and sustained by the literary genre of poetry, as an inseparable alliance during their execution. In each one of them, I have used diverse techniques at the service of purpose and intention.
At first, “The Fruits” –“Las Frutas”– appear as a true cookery of flavors and colors, with the strength of the spatula and agglomerated textures. A material paintwork that lives with slightly outlined and diluted strokes, captured in my imaginary, is stored ready-to-open, with the rush of someone who tries something for the first time.
Then, I went to its origin: “The Seeds” –“Las Semillas”–, a phase of subtleties and fainted colors that evoked appearances through light and diaphanous sketches. After a while, riversides captivated me with their naturally fallen and dragged waste: tree seeds, fruits and the fascinating colors of wet bedrocks, which I later took to the canvas in aquarium-style submerged models.
The sea and its high tide drew me later. First, the cracked and colorful rocks in opposition to entering and leaving water that caresses with a soft and curved brush, and secondly, the stiffness of the broken line in the bleeding open rocks, incredibly inhabited by lichens and wild flowers.
In another moment, a furtive find. Algae of multiple shapes, tones and transparencies showed ephemeral colors when backlighted and reflected with sunlight. A hanging rope allowed me to see its organic figures, in the southern coast of Chile.
An incredible collection of pocket watches belonging to the British Museum originates the narrative of “Tiempo al Tiempo” –“Time to time”–, which appears as an imperious necessity of inviting us to consider the value of detention. As harmony of its inner peace, we taste with complete freedom moments we would have stopped upon those strangling hands otherwise. In this series, I use yesterday’s technique (graphite) and
today’s (color), as a way of graphically representing time in its different dimensions, with a language close to symbolism.
With nature always as a guiding principle, the “Habitants” –“Los Habitantes”– appear as minimal characters living in groves of trees as an expression of their littleness compared to the natural world’s immensity.
From the series “Un Buen Día me Traje el Mar” –“A Good Day I Brought the Sea”–, metals, scrap, and tatters appear with fragments of a ship forgotten in time under dialoguing oxides and emeralds. Chunks of wood float in their own memory of a “Bajamar” 2.0, full of endless attached mollusks, creating a feeling where all that enters this sea magic turns into familiar figures washed by time.
In general, the law that reigns in almost all of my series, appears to be the insistence of a close up, a zoom in of the observed, wanting to pass on its internalized essence with an own and expressive language.

Claudia Sierralta

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