Art Curators

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We are a network of experts in contemporary art based in Europe, South America and Africa.

The exhibitions are the basis of our work. We organize everything in an exhibition : Selection of artists , concept , catalogs , brochures, flyers , promotions in social networks, inaugurations , sales and customer service.

Art Fairs

We participate in art fairs and we are constantly looking for opportunities in high-level fairs . We are specialized in assembling works in stands, selling artworks and promoting artists.


We want to present our artists in artistic and cultural circuits. Samples of their work in cultural or representational spaces give us another opportunity in the dissemination of art .

Critical texts

We develop conceptual basics for our exhibitions and advertising material ( press releases , articles, etc. ) . The documents that we produce seek to bring the work closer to the public and also to open a space for critical reflection .


The artists each need a dossier (price list, biography, pictures of their work...) in order for us to manage his communication on internet and real life. We help the creators develop all the aspects involved into their artistical professional field.


We consider important that artists participate in initiative samples with or without profit. We see the promotion as an investment. We produce catalogues, digital portfolios, social managing, etc.