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Francisco (Paco) León

Francisco (Paco) LeónPaco_LeonFrom:ChileWEB SITE:https://www.pacoleon.clTECNICS:Painting, Mixed MediaEXHIBITIONS:Chili, FranceFOLLOW:BUY HIS ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Francisco (Paco) León Born in Santiago Chile on 04/22/1972. He currently lives and works in Cahuil, Pichilemu Chile. At the age of 18, he traveled to the United States and studied the CIC; On his return he decides to dedicate himself...


Guillermina Carassale

GUILLERMINA CARASSALEGuillermina-CarassaleFrom:Argentine, ChileWEB SITE:Coming soonTECNICS:CollageEXHIBITIONS:Chile, Peru, USA, ArgentineFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Mi relación con el arte surge cuando era muy pequeña, por eso lo menciono como relación, ya que siempre estuve vinculada a todas las Bellas Artes. Me conecté con lo antiguo, con lo contemporáneo y lo moderno. Siempre integro en...


Wladimir Ugarte

Wladimir UgarteFotografía Wladimir UgarteFrom:ChileWEB SITE:Under constructiontechnique:PaintingEXHIBITIONS:ChileFOLLOW:BUY HIS ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Wladimir Ugarte Visual Artist, with studies in architecture, where he begins to develop his taste for painting and engraving, approaching in the School of Art of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile to the master Eduardo Vilches (National Prize of Plastic Arts...

XA-514 Naturaleza II.1 (Copiar)

Ximena Agar

XIMENA AGARXA-363 Cosmos-bynFrom:ChileWEB SITE: on canvas or paperEXHIBITIONS:Chile, Spain, France, Luxemburgo, Switzerland, MónacoFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Ximena Agar was born in Santiago, Chile (1963), she graduated in Industrial Engineering from the University of Chile, a profession she practiced for 30 years in the financial and textile industry. She has always been...

nadra-jacob-6 detalle 2

Nadra Jacob

NADRA JACOBNADRA JACOBFrom:ChileWEB SITE:https://nadrajacob.comtechnique:Painting, Mixed MediaEXHIBITIONS:Miami, New York, Texas (USA). Buenos Aires (Argentina). Dubai, Santiago de Chile. Hong Kong...FOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Visual Artist, born in Santiago de Chile. In 1998 she began with formal studies with different institutions, where I learned new techniques, among which stand out: Human figure, Pastel,...


Eva Holz

GUILLERMINA CARASSALEEVA-HOLZ-MSB-ART-CURATORSFrom:Israel, ChileWEB SITE: et mixed tech.EXHIBITIONS:Washington, Florida, Colorado, Philadelphia, New York (USA). New Delhi (India). Santiago (Chile). Paris (France), Canada, KoreaFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY About the Artist "Art is what gives me life, it gives me energy to continue" "Neither so realistic nor so abstract" Eva Holz is an outstanding...


Maida Olavarría

MAIDA OLAVARRÍAMAIDA OLAVARRIAFrom:ChileWEB SITE:https://maidaolavarria.comTECNICS:WatercolorEXHIBITIONS:Santiago de Chile, Miami (USA)FOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY I studied Visual Arts at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile (2012-2016). During this period, I took part in two collective exhibitions. In 2017 I left Chile to continue studying a master’s degree in Painting at University of the Arts London,...


Julius Thiel

Julius ThielThielFrom:ChileWEB SITE:, Mixed media, Photography, New mediaEXHIBITIONS:Chile, Swiss, FranceFOLLOW: BUY HIS ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY My works are born on a simple sheet of paper, where I paint abstract themes, landscapes, flowers, nudes and portraits in watercolor or tempera, which I then submit to my particular creative process in the virtual world....


Sofia Zolezzi

SOFÍA ZOLEZZISOFÍA ZOLEZZIFrom:ChileWEB SITE:, Mixed mediaEXHIBITIONS:Milano, Dubai, New York, Madrid...FOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Sofia Zolezzi is a Chilean artist born in 1987 in Viña del Mar, and currently lives in Santiago de Chile. She started painting at the early age of 8 attending oil classes, and at 15 years old she...

Mariluz Díaz Fuenzalida

Mariluz Díaz

Mariluz DíazFvpMFFm1_400x400From:Argentine, ChileWEB SITE:, France, Italy, Argentine, SpainFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Mariluz Díaz Fuenzalida was born in Chile on December 7, 1987. She obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts and the professional title of Ceramist at the University of Chile. She did an internship in 2019 in Italy and an exhibition....

Soplo Costero, 140 x 85, Técnica Mixta

Claudia Sierralta

Claudia SierraltaClaudia SierraltaFrom:ChileWEB SITE:Under constructiontechnique:PaintingEXHIBITIONS:Spain, Chile, GermanyFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Claudia Sierralta Correa Chilean Plastic Artist, 1962 Studied in the University of Chile Bellas Artes (Fine arts), later Interior Design and did numerous workshops with art painting maestros in Santiago de Chile and Concepción. Has realized multiple exhibitions –individually and collectively–...


Claudia Canobra

CLAUDIA CANOBRACLAUDIA_CANOBRAFrom:ChileWEB SITE:Under constructiontechnique:Mixed MediaEXHIBITIONS:Chile, USA (New York)FOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY I am a chilean architect and I have always marveled at nature, her strength, its beauty and its energy, which has led me to develop a work to show and bring nature closer to people. I studied and worked in...


Mónica Véliz

Mónica VelizMonica VelizFrom:ChileWEB SITE:Under contruction...technique:TextilEXHIBITIONS:ChileFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Monica Véliz Henríquez studied advertising in Chile in the mid-nineties, but her real calling was the arts. While she was in College she took classes in glass mosaic, watercolor painting, gres ceramic and loom weaving to give birth to different types of artistic...

Alejandra Sieder-contemporary artist-Domino (Copiar)


ALEJANDRA SIEDERAlejandra SiederShe lives :AustraliaWEB SITE:www.alejandrasieder.comtechnique:PaintingEXHIBITIONS:Australia, UK, Australia, Norway, Spain, SwitzerlandFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Alejandra Sieder is a Venezuelan-Spanish-Australian Graphic Designer and Visual Artist, graduated from the Miguel Neumann Design Institute in Caracas, Venezuela. Sieder lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Alejandra’s monochromatic op-art is a distillation of personal memories and...

Evelyn_Richter (4)

Evelyn Richter

EVELYN RICHTEREvelin RichterFrom:ChileWEB SITE:Under constructionTECNICS:Acrilyc on canvasEXHIBITIONS:Italy, Chile, USA, Argentine, BelgiumFOLLOW:BUY HER ARTWORKSBIOGRAPHY Diseñadora titulada. Universidad de Chile. Postitulo en Arquitectura del Paisaje. Asiste en talleres: Celina Gálvez, Carmen Silva, Sergio stichkin, Bororo, Raul Vilches, Concepcion Balmes. Tutorías Arturo Duclous Participa en Bienal Bs Ars, Expo en Belgica, Miami art...

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Large scale art is more than just an oversized painting, it is larger than life, often massive enough to fill a room. Its impact is deliberate and it is meant to overwhelm by itself, command a space, and dwarf everything else that comes near it.

Enveloping the viewer and dominating interior spaces, large scale paintings create an impact. Artists and their patrons have utilized size to display power and prestige to impress their audiences. In 18th century Europe, history painting was considered to be the most important genre, above portraiture, still life, and landscape, and thus was executed on bigger canvases by artists like Jacques-Louis David and Benjamin West.


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Sara Malinarich is a strong leader who inspires as much as she challenges. Your influence on me personally is undeniable and has helped me grow immensely as an artist and creator.

Elyssa Lewis (USA)

Media writer

J’ai eu le plaisir de connaitre et découvrir votre travail durant Art Monaco en juillet 2015 et je dois dire que j’ai été tout de suite séduite. J’avais auparavant déjà écouté des commentaires sur votre travail comme commissaires, mais j’ai pu, là, le corroborer par moi même.

Danièle Biancheri

Consul Général de la Principauté de Monaco A Santiago du Chili

Personnellement j'ai apprécié le contenu, mais aussi le facteur humain et je suggère à tous ceux qui aiment l'art, de découvrir par eux-mêmes leur potentiel.

Paolo Tricotti

Consul Honoraire du Chili à Monaco